Who is the Artist?

The art of Phyllis Shenny appears on all products on our site. Phyllis had a successful career as a graphic designer/art director after graduating from Parson’s School of Design. She became a mobile photo artist just for fun, when the technology was new. Pretty soon she was exhibiting and winning awards at popular art shows, including membership in the prestigious NAWA, National Association of Women Artists. She has created along many genres, always focusing on color, light and texture. One of her themes is creating something from nothing. She has explored many genres including abstract, mcm, city scene and impressionism. Even the most abstract of her images started out as a photo in about 95 percent of cases. Although each of these has a style, she enjoys exploring different styles as each image speaks to her in its own way. On our promotional sites and ecommerce portals we created groupings, so her customers can purchase collections.

Although she has sold many pieces of artwork, she wanted a way to familiarize others with her art more broadly. This portal was conceived so that she could share her art on products that people use daily, very affordably. When the pandemic hit, she refocused her efforts to products more conducive to working from home and being at home, and of course the protective face masks to wear when going out.  The posters and framed art are to inspire those at home. The canvas art can do the same, but the non-glare surface is also particularly appropriate as a background, behind a person, for video conferencing.

In 2012 Phyllis was diagnosed with breast cancer coincidentally around the same time as buying her first iPad. While recuperating after surgery, she discovered many possibilities for photo editing on a mobile device. This totally changed the paradigm she was working with. First, it opened the door to many more creative options that were both more varied and faster than standard software on a full system. Second it made the creation of art totally mobile as you can bring a device anywhere. And since apps are on the device you don’t even need WIFI to create. Third, she realized how much relaxation and calmness this creative outlet gave her which opened the door to helping others who had been through a traumatic journey to use art and mobile photography as healing tools. Phyllis started teaching iPhone photography and photo editing in local cancer support programs. When the interest arose by the leaders of these programs, she developed a curriculum that other organizations can use to apply mobile art to their healing programs.

I am very interested in feedback and suggestions for products and ideas. I’ve tried to choose varied colors especially for the masks to blend with one’s wardrobe or in the case of prints to blend with an environment.

I will also be teaching mobile photography and photo art and editing again virtually, starting the new year at the Cancer Support Community of Holy Name Hospital. Anyone impacted by cancer either as a patient, survivor, caretaker or family member can be part of these classes and many others for free.”